Although my son Jacob is autistic, he has become the center of our family’s lives. His disability doesn’t define him, it’s his unique personality and spirit that makes him shine and draws others to be in his company.

Some of his delightful qualities include how well he takes care of himself, how respectful he is, and how he is always willing to help others.He has the ability to care for and love people on a deeper level than anyone I’ve ever met.He remembers details about people that simply astonish me and make me so proud of being the father to such a wonderful person.

Jacob has a unique trait that has really bonded our family.When he senses someone in the family is hurting or feeling down, he attempts to comfort them with laughter and singing.Some of my favorite memories involve Jacob rocking out to the music in the car.He loves to sing and dance as he radiates joy from his beautiful soul.

Jacob, now 27 years of age, continues to keep us smiling, laughing, and always entertained. I often ask myself how I got so lucky to have a child with these marvelous qualities.

I’m so proud of Jacob and other special people like him, my company, The Rally Candle, is donating a portion of sales to Autusm Society in order to continue to help their growth, self-reliance, and to further their education.

Some facts:
Age: 27
Interests: WWE, going to school, playing with his niece, watching cartoons, singing songs, dancing, and working out.

Jacob is the center of our lives because the way he is with others. He took care of my daughter as she grew up and even taught her how to swim. His disability doesn’t define him, it his unique personality that makes him shine through the darkness. He takes care of himself so efficiently that it is astonishing to watch. I am proud to be his father because of the way that he is around others. He is very respectful and willing to lend a hand to whoever needs help.He cares and loves others on a deeper connection that he remembers everything about them. My son is special individual to myself, my family and all of the others that know him. Jacob is one of a kind and is such a kid at heart. Jacob knows when others are hurting and he attempts to help them heal with laughter. It’s worked wonders for my daughter when she is stressed about school or even having a bad day. Many memories I have of Jacob is when we are rocking out to music in the car. He is non stop singing and dancing the whole car ride and it bring joy to my heart. It makes me wonder how I got so lucky to have a kid like that.

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